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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Drink Up Buttercup 8/15/09 Union Hall

I saw Drink Up Buttercup for my first time this weekend. I have three words to say. "Wow Fu#king Wow!" I can see why Shilpa Ray had so many good things to say about this band. They're a powerhouse of fun and entertainment almost a bit overboard at times. Singer guitarist James Harvey was the most sincere musician I've seen in NYC. James told the crowd to text themselves "Dan Quinn" and to check out the professional fighter on YouTube. He thanked the audience, loved the audience, hugged and high-fived the audience. It doesn't get much better than that. Now, whether or not he was on a five-day drinking binge is still being debated, but drunk or not he and the band put on an astonishingly great show complete with an a-la Arcade Fire ending in which the band joined the audience off-stage and sang the final tune together bringing their intense stage antics in to a friendly gathering wishing everyone the start of a great evening. Photos and audio will never do this band justice . . . a live show is the best way to consume them.

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