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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Short & Sweet NYC Showcase 1/22/2010

Headlining the Short & Sweet NYC showcase on Friday January 22nd was turntablist Rob Swift who was featured in the amazing DJ documentary SCRATCH by Palm Pictures, took the stage to a thinned out audience. More than half the crowd left after Shilpa Ray's set but those who stayed were treated to some dance worthy grooves.

Shilpa Ray took the stage and the room got filled up quickly. The band had just got back in town from a tour. Two of her Happy Hookers had new faces: a new guitarist Andrew Bailey and a new drummer John Adamski. One happy hooker wasn't in attendance at all Andrew Hoepfner of Creaky Boards, he is usually the most well dressed of the hookers and his casio playing and unique outfits were missed. Nick Hundley the original hooker bassist who also plays in linfinity, was there keeping the grooves tight along with the new personnel. The new guitarist Andrew from Austin Texas added some much heavier guitar parts rocking out the songs a bit more with the new drummer. Shilpa had the crowd eating out of her hand as always. She was a bit surprised by all the dancing for a New York/Brooklyn audience. One fan gave her a twenty dollar bill to play two encore songs which they did to a extremely receptive crowd.

Apse had a great bass player and drummer. The ethereal triple guitar parts were nice too but I would have like to have seen one of them stand out from the pack with a little less reverb. The singer was not my cup of tea but hearing there recordings on their myspace. He might just have been having an off night.

We unfortunately missed the opening act The Venn Diagrams. I spoke to band members Jeffrey Marsh and Rick Sorkin and they informed me they are performing music at an upcoming play residency and also have a show coming up at Bowery Poetry Club. Well post some more details soon and try and check them out too.

The extremely nice, fun and animated DaVe Lipp creator of Short & Sweet NYC threw a great and eclectic showcase for the blogs second anniversary. Looking forward to his next one!

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