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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

CocoRosie, Orpheum Theatre, Los Angeles

Having wound their way across Europe and the States on an extensive tour in support of "Grey Oceans", CocoRosie arrived at The Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles, for the final show of the tour. CocoRosie, respectively: the sisters Bianca & Sierra Casady were backed by piano, percussionist, and human-beat-box, for the for the evening's musings.

The sisters arrived theatrically dressed in eclectic garb and headdress, setting the stage for a show that wove it's way through well over an hour of musical incantations. Sierra's operatic verse interwove with, and provided counterpoint to Bianca's dream-infused, ethereal child-like vocals.

Highlights from the set included much loved tunes, such as "K-Hole" and "Promise". The greater part of the evening however, gave a just spotlight to the new songs from Grey Oceans. "Smokey Taboo" as one example, was a perfect showcase for each of their vocal stylings, set against far-eastern instrumentation. "Lemonade" alternately presents CocoRosie with slower tempo; oscillating between introspective lyrics and the inverse, with an upbeat and almost happy refrain.

Later in the evening, the sisters Casady showed themselves through yet another twist of the kaleidoscope. Dancing like otherworldly clockwork dolls, they played and impromptu game of patty-cake, at the outset of the incredibly catchy tune "Hopscotch". Reminiscent of an upbeat ragtime piano piece, this truly showed the organic joy that Bianca & Sierra share for what they do.

Every breath of the evening further showcased the Casady sister's unbound bohemian imagination. As if inspired by pixies and fairies, CocoRosie transformed The Orpheum Theatre for the evening, into what could be best described as Bianca & Sierra in Wonderland...

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It is for the first time I have heard about these sisters. Nice to have a quality information.

SirIndie said...

A very detailed address of these artists..a shame they aren't closer to TX and on a consistent basis.


horrid exposure said...

such an incredible show. i am still replaying the sights, sounds and incredible environment of this show.

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