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Friday, May 20, 2011

TV On The Radio, 05/11 @ MusicBox, Hollywood

Last Wednesday night, Hollywood welcomed TV On The Radio back to town with open arms.  An entirely sold-out house at the MusicBox hosted the band on this, their first time back in the city since their LA recording session for of their newest album, "Nine Types of Light." The album, marking their fourth, was played oscillating in tempo and tone; covering their progression as a band, dating back to their 2003 "Young Liars" release. Between their recent thoughtful/mature release, and the more driving earlier works; TVOTR performed a night's worth of tunes, true to the highest post-punk/indie-rock/art-rock ideals...

The Brooklyn-based band worked their way through highlights from all four of their albums, as well as a selection of EP tracks. Memorable tunes of the evening included the opener "Halfway Home," from 2008's "Dear Science," and they proceeded to give the audience an audible treat from each of their other releases. As for their new "Nine Types of Light," they included catchy "Will Do" as well as the aptly titled "Repetition."

Front-man Tunde Adebimpe varied between playing keyboard while singing, and bounding about stage delivering his vocals, all while the packed audience pushed it's way to get closer to the core of the fevered tempos & tunes. Manning the other stations of the band were: multi-instrumentalist David Andrew Sitek, as well as Kyp Malone on guitars/vocals/giant fluffy beard.

Rounding the corner towards the finish line, the familiar refrain started in, as the audience sung/howled along. "...howlin' forever..., ...howlin' forever..." If I've ever seen something of a hit, it was TVOTR preforming "Wolf Like Me" rounding out the main set. amazing...

The  set was nearly closed, but not before three more tunes fit their way in. "A Method", "DLZ" and "Satellite" from the releases "Return To Cookie Mountain," "Dear Science," and the "Young Liars" [ep], respectively. The night's songs ebbed and flowed between melodic, funky and indie-rock based. In total: TV On The Radio is a band well worth seeing live, if you can score a ticket....

Halfway Home
Caffeinated Consciousness
The Wrong Way
Blues From Down Here
Will Do
Red Dress
Young Liars
Staring At The Sun
Wolf Like Me
A Method

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