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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Low @ El Rey Theatre, Los Angeles, 09/20/11

Having waited a long time to see LOW; it was a treat to have the stars align this time around, to see them at the El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles. The crowd filling the venue for Low's poignant, slow-core performance was an eclectic mix: hipsters to goths, rockers to old-peeps, all the way to those apparently melting into the wall-paper...

Supporting their latest album "C'mon", as well as representing a formidable portion of their catalog; Low expressed what appeared to be audible-painting of a road-trip across across the abandon southwest: dusty unkempt roads, intermittently stopping in for supplies at near deserted outposts of civilization.

Their melodies, one after another: melancholy-slow in tempo and lyrically intense, hypnotized the audience as well as myself. As the evening came into focus, the set became less akin to standard song structure & presentation, and more kind of a 90 minute dive into an introspective landscape of loss and emotion that we all have a connection to at some level.

At the end of the evening I felt like I'd been at a combination of a long group therapy session, mixed with a lot of peyote, and and a friend's band playing out in the desert: Very cool, but not what i had expected...

Clovis IV: Photos & Review

SET-LIST: El Rey Theatre
Nothing But Heart
Hand so Small
You See Everything
Try To Sleep
Silver Rider
Especially Me
Sweet Sunflower
Violent Past
Last Snowstorm of the Year
Dinosaur Act
When I Go Deaf

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