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Friday, March 30, 2012

Cults @ The Fonda Theatre, Hollywood, 03/22/12

Landing back in Southern California on tour for their debut album, Cults took the stage at Hollywood's newly re-opened Henry Fonda Theatre like long lost friends back for a visit. It wasn't too hard of a stretch, as they were playing to a packed house of fans seeking their darkly-tinged dream-pop.

As they took the stage in the minimally-projected geometric-light of their tune "Abducted"; they came-on similar to a few shots of Absinthe in a blurry evening: beautiful though disorienting. Sounding like a mix between early 60's girl-groups, Sleigh Bells, and The Jesus and Mary Chain; the band mesmerized from first note to last.

The Manhattan based duo, comprised of Madeline Follin on vocals, and Brian Oblivion on guitar; were joined onstage with a full band's accompaniment - filling-out their live sound. The night's tunes were largely taken from their self titled release, with a few new songs thrown in - not the least of which was a surprisingly good cover of Leonard Cohen's "Everybody Knows."

Their sound presented something a feeling of contradiction. It gave off an enticingly/cute vibe, while simultaneously manifesting a hard-to-define uneasiness. All things combined, Cults were pretty enjoyable & well worth checking out live.

1) Intro/Abducted
2) The Curse
3) Slow Song
4) Most Wanted
5) You Know What I Mean
6) Bumper
7) Never Saw the Point
8) Rave On
9) Everybody Knows (Leonard Cohen cover)
10) Walk at Night
11) Go Outside
12) Oh My God

Photo/Review by Clovis IV

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