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Friday, March 30, 2012

Cults @ The Fonda Theatre, Hollywood, 03/22/12

Landing back in Southern California on tour for their debut album, Cults took the stage at Hollywood's newly re-opened Henry Fonda Theatre like long lost friends back for a visit. It wasn't too hard of a stretch, as they were playing to a packed house of fans seeking their darkly-tinged dream-pop.

As they took the stage in the minimally-projected geometric-light of their tune "Abducted"; they came-on similar to a few shots of Absinthe in a blurry evening: beautiful though disorienting. Sounding like a mix between early 60's girl-groups, Sleigh Bells, and The Jesus and Mary Chain; the band mesmerized from first note to last.

The Manhattan based duo, comprised of Madeline Follin on vocals, and Brian Oblivion on guitar; were joined onstage with a full band's accompaniment - filling-out their live sound. The night's tunes were largely taken from their self titled release, with a few new songs thrown in - not the least of which was a surprisingly good cover of Leonard Cohen's "Everybody Knows."

Their sound presented something a feeling of contradiction. It gave off an enticingly/cute vibe, while simultaneously manifesting a hard-to-define uneasiness. All things combined, Cults were pretty enjoyable & well worth checking out live.

1) Intro/Abducted
2) The Curse
3) Slow Song
4) Most Wanted
5) You Know What I Mean
6) Bumper
7) Never Saw the Point
8) Rave On
9) Everybody Knows (Leonard Cohen cover)
10) Walk at Night
11) Go Outside
12) Oh My God

Photo/Review by Clovis IV

Monday, March 12, 2012

Beach House - New track "Myth"

Beach House
Bloom out on May 15th via Subpop.
1. Myth
2. Wild
3. Lazuli
4. Other People
5. The Hours
6. Troublemaker
7. New Year
8. Wishes
9. On the Sea

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Daughter Mercury Lounge NYC 3/9/12

I was very excited to have caught London based band Daughter at Mercury Lounge. It was the bands first headlining show. Singer songwriter Elena Tonra and her guitarist boyfriend Igor Haefeli and new member and drummer Remi Aguilella played all songs from their new EP His Young Heart as well as some great new tracks. "Landfill" and 'Candles" sounded even better live than the recording. Haefeli had quite the guitar alchemists pedal board he even had a foot pedal shown below with which he triggerred bass and keyboard sounds. He broke a string mid set and Tonra played the lovely acoustic "The Woods," while he fixed it. The band played some amazing new material which featuring more bass and drums and keyboards. Each member got to played bass on a track passing around a sparkly silver Dan Electro. The band thanked the New York crowd for being so attentive to their set. Daughter played a amazing show. Unfortunately they had a late start for early slated set and had no time to play an encore which the enthusiastic crowd demanded. Check out some live video's from the show below.

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