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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Psych Furs, Happy Mondays & Islands Roseland Ballroom

The Psychedelic Furs hadn't lost a beat since the last time I saw them live in the nineties. Richard Butler moved around like he was a spry twenty something with his pantomime stage presence. The band tightly spun out the classics like "President Gas," "Heartbreak Beat," "Love My Way," "Ghost In You," "Sister Europe," "Heaven" as well as their song director John Hugh's made a classic "Pretty in Pink."

The Happy Mondays, I couldn't decide if I should love them or throw rocks at them for bankrupting Factory Records. Shaun Ryder and crew got the Manchester (Madchester) grooves going and made you consider looking for sweaty people and buying an e-tab to really try and recreate the experience. Shaun was quite a bit larger in size and didn't quite have the stage presence and dance steps he one had. The new Monday line-up had a very timid and nervous Ryder standing completely still, and absence of his brother Paul and Bez. The Mondays only came to life with their front woman (name to come) who pranced around the stage commanding the songs and the audience. I have been to over a thousand shows in my life time but never had a show been so loud I needed earplugs (haven't seen My Bloody Valentine). My ears are still ringing.

Islands and crew got shafted pretty hard at the Roseland show on this tour. Their website and tickets to the show said teir set was at 8pm. Unfortunately they went on at 7:30pm and were off the stage at 8pm. Nick came onto the stage saying "Is this a High School Dance" to the empty Ballroom. There set was a little sluggish compared to the many show Nick and crew dominated a venue with great confidence and showmanship. The finally busted into the energetic "Where There's a Will There's a Whalebone," off their debut LP, which got the crowd going. Queens rapper Ses 5(?) came joined the band on stage and drove the song home. They ended their short set with "Vapours" off their new LP also entitled Vapours. My gal was outside and people were hanging out front of the theatre saying they were excited to see Islands while missing their set. A few people who were in attendance got a lite-taste of the Islands greatness and a few people came up to me and asked who they were. A few new fans ain't a bad thing. I love you guys and it's nice that Jamie's back on the kit but let me just state again how much the Chow brothers are missed form the stage.

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