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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Blonde Redhead 92yTribeca Review and Pics

We were invited to a free Blonde Redhead show at 92yTribeca tonight. When we arrived, I had thought we were at a Bauhaus or Sisters of Mercy show instead because the main room was filled with so much fog it looked like a goth club. As the crowd enjoyed their drinks, the new album entitled Penny Sparkle was played over the stereo in its entirety. As soon as the last song on the record finished, the band took the stage and jumped right into the new single "Here Sometimes." Kazu's voice sounded great and the brothers Amedeo & Simone Pace delivered the musical goods along with an additional player on bass. The band sounded tight, the mix was amazing, the new songs were very atmospheric, similar to their 2007 LP 23. They played three or four more tunes off the new album, including one on which Amedeo sang while Kazu played keyboards, but then, they announced "thanks so much for coming" and left the stage. I had assumed it would be a full set, so I was a little shocked that it was over so quickly. But the flyer did clearly read "live preview event." I guess the key word here was "preview" and it was a great preview . . . I felt like they were just getting started, though, and I wish they would have played a little longer.

Words and Pics by Kevin Serra


Sir Indie said...

Well I guess they "said what they meant and meant what they said"..haha!

At least is was something that made you want more instead wishing it was over...


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