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Monday, August 16, 2010

New Music - Aphasia

If your in the mood for some beautiful instrumental tunes which sound like a very mellow Mogwai playing Twin Peaks tunes check out Aphasia.

Taiwanese instrumental post-rock quartet, Aphasia, has announced its first-ever Canadian tour, with multiple dates in Toronto, Halifax and Vancouver. Aphasia has released two full-length records, the latest of which, The Crocodile Society Of Aphasia, was released in 2008. Fans of acts like Mogwai, Do Make Say Think and Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Tortoise or Sonic Youth, will find common threads in the music of Aphasia.

Reborn From Nipples Formed in the late 90’s, Nipples is one of the well-established bands in Taiwan’s indie rock scene. Leading by its core couple Yi-Jyun Wu (Guitar) and KK (Bass), Nipples is well known for its provocative sound and aggressive social attitude. Combined with the other brilliant guitarist Su, the two-guitar setup creates huge feedbacks and distortions, and its intertwined structure builds up angular soundscapes and rough textures; that’s the reason why Nipples is sometimes compared to Sonic Youth and other guitar-heavy bands. And indeed, Sonic Youth is one of the most influential bands to the band itself. After releasing two full-length studio albums, Nipples decided to go on a subsequent path. By changing the name to Aphasia, they turned their career to a new chapter. The New Line-Up Apart from their musicianship, three founding members of Aphasia are all involve in other music-related vocations.


DJ said...

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Sir Indie said...

Love their song "Behind the River."


Allen said...

They are awesome!

littlewhity said...

They are awesome!! "Metal Tank" is one of my faforite song in this album, and here's the Youtube link enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

just stopping by to say hello