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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Brittain Ashford's new music project Prairie Empire

Brooklyn & Portland's Prairie Empire was born out of the wanderings of Brittain Ashford from one coast to another and back. A summer spent in Portland, Oregon yielded a new, eleven-track project with members of Portland based Harlowe and the Great North Woods. Ashford played our SXSW showcase last year after recording some demos in Marfa, TX and her new band Prairie Empire will be performing our fourth music showcase on Friday, March 4th at Brooklyn's Union Pool along with Seattle based Sub Pop recording artist Tiny Vipers and Brooklyn's Natureboy. Brittain Ashford's Prairie Empire creates beautiful folk songs with honest and heartfelt lyrics. She plays the autoharp and ukulele and her band members add delicate instrumentation to the stark and powerful arrangements. is proud to give you the premiere download of a new song entitled "Snow" off the new album here:
Prairie Empire - Snow.Mp3
The new self titled album will be released on March 29th, 2011.

Prairie Empire - Track Listing:
01 Ten-Fold.
02. Song for You
03. Give
04. Time Takes Time
05. Summer Light
06. Snow
07. Under Hum
08. Winter Came
09. Where You Are
10. Patience and Grace
11. Pieces, Parts

Get tickets to see Prairie Empire perform at Union Pool on March 4th

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Er said...

Her autoharp is something like ukrainian Zither?