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Friday, May 30, 2008

Chuck Taylor tribute The Dead & Kurt Cobain with shoes

Converse sneakers continues its celebration of 100 years with the debut of its Fall 2008 Footwear Collection that celebrates the brand's iconic presence throughout the last ten decades and undeniable influence on pop culture.

Converse pays homage to The Grateful Dead and Kurt Cobain as musicians who have transformed culture and changed the world featuring shoes designed to honor these pioneers of music who have disrupted the status quo.

These latest shoes will be available at Journeys stores across the county.

What bands would make you run out and update your Chucks?


Anonymous said...

Beastie Boys!

Anonymous said...

Van Halen

Anonymous said...

Marvelous!! When will thoseConverse custom Kurt Cobain shoes be out? price? and how do i get them?

Anonymous said...

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