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Thursday, October 23, 2008

CMJ Day 2 - The Brothers Bloom

I've been to CMJ many years and always have tried to catch some of the film screenings of the event and I am either to tired to attend or there are scheduling conflicts with bands to check out. This year I saw the second film by one of my favorite directors Rian Johnson on the CMJ Guide and made some concrete plans to attend. Rian Johnson directed Brick back in 2005 which is a mashup of a modern day detective - teen drug drama and a thirties noir film.

In 2008 Johnson is back with The Brothers Bloom a modern day romantic con artist film which plays out is if Wes Anderson did an adaptation of Peter Bogdanovich's Paper Moon. Stephen Bloom played by Mark Ruffalo sets up poignant cons using more symbolism than Russian authors. While his brother played by Adrien Brody wants to live a more unscripted life. Rinko Kikuchi plays Bang Bang the duo's trusty third partner in crime and delivers constant laughs while Rachel Weisz plays the eccentric, millionaire epileptic photographer Penelope Stamp who joins the team on their last con.

This film a completely new direction for director Rian Johnson leaving behind the noir colors of Brick for a more vivid colorful adventure teaching us that all lives are scripted.

His cousin and film composer Nathan Johnson & Director of Photography (Steve Yedlin?) were both there for a brief Q & A.
They mentioned Rian is already writing his third movie a sc-fi film entitled Looper. The film is scheduled to hit theatres this December.

~ Kevchino

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