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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Laurie Anderson Interview

As an artist and musician, Laurie Anderson has been creating experimental music and innovative performances for over forty years earning her a reputation as a true renaissance woman in the arts. In addition to being an acclaimed violinist and inventing a number of instruments such as the talking stick and tape-bow violin, her song “O Superman” hit number 2 in the UK charts in 1981. She has collaborated with a variety of the creative world’s most notable names such as: William S. Burroughs, Peter Gabriel, Spalding Gray, and Andy Kaufman and in 2008 married long term partner Lou Reed. Her most recent piece, Delusion, is being presented at the Brooklyn Academy of Music through October 3 as part of the Next Wave Festival and her new album Homeland is now available on Nonesuch Records.

Read our interview here.

1 comment:

Sir Indie said...

Sometimes when someone has so much creativity, it leaves you to wonder..."how great would this person be if they channeled all of that energy into one thing?"

In any stretch, she is one to applaud. =)