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Saturday, August 09, 2008

All Points West - Friday -Radiohead

Radiohead killed it as always as New York and New Jersey got their first dose of In Rainbows live mixed into a twenty five song set. Thom Yorke was in a playful mood and thanked the crowd saying "Thank you New Joisey." in a Jersey accent! He also dedicated "Pyramid Song" to New York City, as he said "This song is dedicated to an extremly hectic city for those moments when you try and find some peace!"

I highly recommend for Saturday attendees to get your Radiohead real estate early on. We waited to long as you can see by the horrible photo. Those who thrive off alcohol in outdoor settings, beware the festival gives you a wristband with five pull-off tabs. Each tab is only good for one beer. So it's a five beer max . . . unless you create a work around. And last but not least, we took the Path Train from WTC to the Grove stop and walked in to the festival bypassing the Light Rail. It went pretty smooth both ways.

Radiohead Set List - All Points West - Friday August 8th 2008
15 Step
There There
Morning Bell
All I Need
The Gloaming
Jigsaw Falling Into Place
You And Whose Army
Climbing Up The Walls
How to Disappear Completely

1st Encore:
House of cards
Pyramid Song
Paranoid Android
Dollars and Cents
Street Spirit

2nd Encore:
Cymbal Rush (Thom Yorke song)
Everything is in it's right place.

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