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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Devil Makes Three Saturday March 20th, 2010 – Troubadour, Los Angeles

The Devil Makes Three seamlessly combine the sentiment of blues music, the nostalgia of country, and the painterlike lyrics of folk and serve it up with a side of intense rock fervor. With the burning rage of finger-plucking guitarist Cooper McBean, The Devil Makes Three began their set with "The Bullet," from their self-titled album, with its high-speed banjo playing that made the crowd begin to simmer.

The Santa Cruz trio’s sound is reminiscent of simpler times, with frontman Pete Bernhard spitting highly spirited lyrics that served as a mantra to some. The petite Lucia Turino produced brawny beats on the upright bass in "St. James," creating a buzz with the loyal crowd, which was like watching a midget wrestling a tiger and coming out the victor. The solitary imagery seeping out of “Graveyard” captivated listeners, transfixed to a story with the labored singer Pete Bernhard as principal.

Overall, the band cooked up a generous portion of Americana that left me wanting to visit the South and order up some comfort food.

Erica Urech

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