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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Gigantic Hand SuAnne Big Crow Video

Just when I thought I had it figured out. There's more. I picked up this great LP from Rory O'Connor of Natureboy & Masterface the other day entitled Gigantic Hand. He and band leader Kris Kaczor apparently worked on this album together a while back and will be working together on a new LP soon. Rory played drums and now occasionally plays guitar with them live as now they have a new drummer named Jeff Gensterblum. The LP is really solid but I especially dig the song "SuAnne Big Crow." You can pick up Permanent Skin on iTunes here. Have a listen to the video below. Can't wait to check em out live.


Anonymous said...

Great tune! - Katie

Anonymous said...

Rory also played keyboards & lapsteel, and bass on one song I think.

Lana said...

The live drummer post-Rory was Jeff Gensterblum (currently of Your Skull My Closet, formally of Small Brown Bike). Both J & R are great drummers. And Kris is a great performer / writer. So that works. (Not Back, Straight Up is my current fav track on that album, but it's changed often over the years. Many, many greats.)