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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Happy Hollows, The Troubador, Los Angeles: 03.12.10

It was a Friday night in Hollywood, and the Happy Hollows had just taken the stage at the Troubadour. Not knowing entirely what to expect of the night's show, the band's single "Tambourine" kept going through my head on the way there. Low and behold, the band wasn't a tease; instead opened with that very single; the catchyness that had been haunting me. The audio at the Troubador that night was so-so, though the band's set was still very appealing.

They had a sound reminiscent of an early Sonic Youth, mixed with Throwing Muses, and a dash of PJ Harvey thrown in for good measure. Singer/guitarist Sarah Negahdari walked the line between melody and caterwaul, and maintained a cheery disposition song after song. Not out of character, and with a quirky/giddy disposition she declared "I just love Rock n'Roll", and launched into yet another song from their recent released album "Spells". The sentiment proved to be infectious and the audience joined along for the ride.

Backed by a rhythm section comprised of bassist Charlie Mahoney and drummer Chris Hernandez, Sarah’s spellbinding vocals lit the way through a set of catchy/chunky chords, with a rock n'roll wind at their back. In one of the band's last interludes, Sarah had asked the audience what kind of spirit animal they thought she was. After the audience gave a few amusing answers, such as bunny and squirrel; she proclaimed she read that hers was a black panther. Appropriate, as the band radiates a raw feline momentum, while maintaining a capricious charm...

Photos/Review: Clovis IV

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