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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Blonde Redhead live at MusicBox Theatre, LA 11/16/10

Ethereally veiled by fog and backed by a 20 foot wall of glowing golden photo-umbrellas, Blonde Redhead took the stage to a packed Music Box Theatre in Hollywood. Vocalist Kazu Makino, adorned in some manner of tribal sea-horse mask, along with the brothers Amedeo & Simone Pace (vocals/guitars & drums respectively), ushered the audience onto the evening's beguiling journey with the ambient and near-whispered "Black Guitar." They followed up with the equally electronically seductive "Here Sometimes" which shared it's chillwave/downtempo/nouveau-trip-hop vive with songs like "Oslo" and "Will There Be Stars" from the new release "Penny Sparkle."

While the band has admittedly morphed over it's 17 years of existence, Blonde Redhead has developed into a sonically consummate force - musical craftspeople of the highest regard, who's tunes are incredibly easy to get lost in.

In true art-rock form, the mood and sound of the evening were as widespread as the the fog under the stage-lights. They played through a chillwave/downtempo set, composed largely of their new material, including the hypnotic "Will There Be Stars" and the breathy "Spain." The performance was further punctuated by their signature tunes, the rhythmic-lullabies of "In Particular," and "SW," as well as the sonically guitar/percussion-driven "Spring And By Summer Fall," and "Equus."

While Blonde Redhead carried a spellbound audience of musical connoisseurs through new and old territories, they also played an intriguing representative sampling from their 17 year repertoire. From slow to faster tempoed vignettes, they had the MusicBox's rapt audience swaying to one after another of their kaleidoscopic soundscapes, until the very last note of the night...

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