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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Priscilla Ahn- Joes Pub 6.16.2008

Standing backstage at Joe’s Pub on Monday night, Priscilla Ahn appeared relaxed and friendly, but once she set foot on stage the intimate sold out crowd was immediately awed by her serene sound and playful melodies. Her hauntingly dreamlike voice was startling to behold and totally effecting. Priscilla and her four member band were in New York celebrating the release of her first album, A Good Day, on Blue Note Records and they proved themselves quickly with their polished, tight set. The songs were wonderfully varied in terms of content, something of a rarity today, but all unified by Priscilla’s caressing resonance.

After a humble welcome she began performing a few of the tracks off her new album such as “Wallflower” and “Better Listen Close” but it was the refreshingly natural “Leave the Light On” that really showed her true potential. A song written about her experiences living in “nowhere” Pennsylvania (better known as Bernville), the song showcases her soft controlled voice and seemingly effortless delivery, which draws comparisons to Gillian Welsh and Norah Jones. She followed soon after with “Dream,” a song that every high school girl should know by heart by the end of next year. Priscilla and her band then lightened the mood with the quirky track “Astronaut,” which was dedicated to all the woodland and sea creatures (because they need love too). As the show was coming to a close Priscilla performed a terrific cover of Willie Nelson’s “Opportunity to Cry” and broke out a ukulele for a gorgeous solo rendition of “Find My Way Back Home.”

The show ended with another beautiful song, “Lullaby,” which was followed by a short encore. Priscilla has a world of potential ahead of her and the show was a glimpse into a great future talent. Nowhere, Pennsylvania is suddenly much more interesting.

Photos & Review By Tim Needles