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Monday, June 09, 2008

The Brooklyn Telectroscope - London's Calling!

Around eleven o'clock this evening after our Popcorn Cell Phone Receiver let down and after deciding not to attend the These New Purtians show in Williamsburg due to the ninety degree heat and lightning & thunderstorms. We headed down to DUMBO to check out the installation of artist Paul St George's Telectroscope. The thunderstorms had cleared and we walked up to what looked like a giant periscope breaking out of the Fulton Landing by the Brooklyn Bridge.

Looking into the tube you can see people standing near the Tower of London. Many people would wave and do silly dances, but some would use hand signals to exchange phone numbers. While we were there, a woman visiting Brooklyn from London phoned back home across the pond to a London bystander. The man even asked here out on a date. If you live near London or NYC be sure to check out the Telectroscope soon, the live portal is only open till June 15th.

Telectroscope from Kevchino on Vimeo.

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