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Monday, September 07, 2009

The Morgues Live 10/6/09

The Morgues played a free show at Pete's Candy Store this Sunday, Sept 6, 2009. The band ripped through an eight song set which brought back fond memories of Mazzy Star and The Jesus & Mary Chain sans the fuzz and maybe some Dylan thrown in the mix.
Singer-songwriter David King rotated from song to song, either singing and playing chords on his Epiphone guitar or singing while gently shaking some type of sleigh bell tamborine. Besides King the band's line-up consists of another guitarist, who had a beautiful Harmony guitar and the chops to play it, a lady bassist who rocked a P-Bass, the most photogenic drummer you've ever seen (no fuc# faces at all and a very Max Weinberg style - minus 60 years) and a keyboard/organist who knew how to add just the right amount of textures.

On their myspace page you can hear the great tunes "Geez Louise Get Yourself A Room" and "Caterpillar" or check out some low-fi videos I shot of the show, or even better you can buy their newly released E.P. for under $3 Are Fast Cars on Ashley's Dollar Store label or pick it up it at iTunes and Amazon. King mentioned after the show, he plans on releasing a few more EP's in the near future. Keep your ears peeled for their next show.

Set List:
Side Walk
Song for Kirsten Dunst
Geez Louise Get Yourself A Room
First Fall
Take My Watch I Say
(Probably not in the best of order)

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