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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Natureboy is un-plugged & FREE this Thursday 9/10/09

Natureboy's Sara Kermanshahi and crew have released one of the top three LPs of 2009. Check her out soon before she leaves the intimate streets of Bushwick and starts headlining the big NYC venues. Cedar Apffel produced her debut album and celestially captures every beautiful understated melody of Sara's voice and her delicate heartfelt guitar work under his audio microscope. Check out the beautiful tunes "Heart to Fool" and "Cursed Fired" on their myspace page. They missed having a cool show date (9909) by one day. This show is supposedly unplugged, showcasing the artists un-amplified and in the raw. Sara shares the bill with Brian Amsterdam from Werewolves and Vin from Soft Black.

Sep 10 2009 10:00P Northeast Kingdom - Brooklyn, New York


sima said...

Hi, Sarai:

I am so proud of you. YOur beautiful soul and amazing voice soon would be recognized by many and many more. for, your songs are true and your words are kind and deep. I wish you luck and best in your upcoming music events. Good luck to you and your group.


Sima K

Anonymous said...

As long as Sara keeps taking her Prozac, she will make her mommy "Sima" happy and rich.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

she is good