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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Azure Ray live at The Social in Orlando, FL 10/10/10

Have you ever heard a song and felt like it transported you home? Not just to your place of residence but to that time in your life where everything seems so safe and innocent. Where nothing could harm you. Stress and worry are just words of another language and warmth and happiness seep into everything fiber of your being. Comfort comes from the embers in the fireplace glowing in the living room and the sinking shallows of the sofa are beckoning for your return.

That is the feeling Azure Ray radiated through their performance at The Social in Orlando Florida. This show was the first of many on the first tour Azure Ray has produced in 6 years. Having taken a break from their duel project to focus on solo work, Azure Ray is back and better than ever.

The entire show was a family affair. Azure Ray’s, Maria Taylor, brought her younger sister, Kate Taylor and Kim’s husband Taylor Hollingsworth, to open the show. Sounding like a modern day Johnny Cash and June Carter, the audience enjoyed the folk-inspired musical stylings of the duo. The pair is just starting their musical accent; Kim Taylor has an EP to her name and Hollingsworth has a few recordings, but together these two are virtually unknown. It is a shame, for their creations are pure and delightful and one day these two will be making music for the world to hear and enjoy. Until then, we can find musical relief in the set they perform during this tour with Azure Ray.

The audience was already pulled into the world Azure Ray had created through the ambience of the set. Glowing lamps and plush rugs were places around the stage, inviting us in and preparing us for the intimate encounter about to take place. Azure Ray appeared on stage to a resounding applause. This tour has been anxiously anticipated for over half a decade and much was to be expected. As soon as the first chord was strummed the wait was over and nothing but sheer joy was spread across every face. Songs from their new album, such as “Don’t Leave My Mind,” were becoming engrained in the soul of the audience and entranced us all with the stories they told.

This ingenious musical group is one not to be missed. The outpouring of love that Azure Ray exudes through every aspect of this tour is something one can only experience for them selves. To discover when you can find them in your neighbourhood, please visit

Words by Jessica Nguyen Photos by Dave Lapham of Dave Lapham Photography


Anonymous said...

Great post. Correction: It's Kate Taylor, not Kim Taylor.

Sir Indie said...

Loved your recap!
Thanks for the introduction to Azure Ray...=)