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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Interview with James

We meet in an inconspicuous coffee shop near the show venue, our interview fit neatly between a much needed scone and cup of tea, and the band’s five o’clock sound check. There are already a hundred or more lining up outside the door. James are known for their sound checks, inviting a small number of fans in to witness the normally disregarded tour formality.Clearly, after a long absence from playing in the United States, though, the band is taking nothing for granted. Across from the microphone are long-time members of James, guitarist Larry Gott and bassist Jim Glennie. The two men possess opposite demeanors, yet once they get talking, they perfectly complement one another: Gott has a precise wit for details, his keen gaze obscured behind tinted glasses, while Glennie’s soft, youthful demeanor offers the emotional connective tissue between benchmarks in the band’s history. Read the interview by: Erick Mertzhere.


Ralfi said...

Nice Interview! James is very cool!

Sir Indie said...

James sounds like they're very down to Earth, people that you'd be able to approach.

Letting people in for soundcheck is a good sign of "fan appreciation"...a dying art..